Eyelid plasty

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"Heavy" eyelids, from fat and skin excess, show an elder tone, but this aspect can be improved with the help of eyelid plasty.

Eyelid plasty is a surgical intervention which removes the skin and fat excess that compile the eyelids wrinkles and ‘bags’. The external angle of the eyelids can be lifted and, in certain situations, it can be done in parallel with the eyebrows lifting. The approximate time of surgery is 1-2 hours. In the case of the superior lid plasty, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and the admission is not required; the patient can leave the clinic after few hours post intervention. In the combination of the two, superior and inferior, the general anesthesia is preferred . Usually, the eyelid plasty starts with the superior eyelid and is continued with the inferior one.

For the superior eyelid, the incision is made at the level of the natural eyelid groove, the skin and the fat excess being excised (the fat is being excised or redistributed). In the inferior eyelid case, the incision is done differently, depending on the patient’s problems. The incision can be made under the eyelashes or on the interior face of the eyelid, at the level of the conjunctiva, being excised only the fat excess (the fat is being excised or redistributed). Post-operatory, the patient can experience phenomenon like foggy or double vision; bruising or tearing can also appear.

Sleeping on more pillows is recommended to shrink the edemas and bruises, these disappearing after approximately one week. The suture wires are being removed at one week after the surgical intervention. Likewise, we recommend avoiding sun exposure in the first months after the operation, to avoid scars pigmentation.



Surgical consultation
Blood samples
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Anestezic consultation


Hospitalization 24h minimum
Mild post-surgery pain
No physical effor for 1 week
Compressive bandage
Surgical control

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