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Abdominoplasty is the plastic operation which has as purpose the excess skin and fat removal, to obtain a flat abdomen, with a younger aspect, without fat deposits and to get rid of the marks left by aging, births and big weight oscillations.

Abdominoplasty is indicated for the persons who have a good physical condition, but present flaccid skin, for the elderly patients, with weight and skin excess that lost its elasticity, for patients who confront with abdominal weakened muscles and a lot of stretch marks, caused by births, likewise for those who suddenly lost weight with the help of bariatric surgery or diets. Depending on the wanted results, there are a lot of surgical techniques that can be approached: abdominoplasty combined with liposuction, complete abdominoplasty, with navel transposition or mini-abdominoplasty. In case there is a big skin excess and it is wanted its full removal, it is called for complete abdominoplasty. A suprapubic incision is made, being longer than the one for a C section. The following incision if around the navel, this remaining attached to the initial vascular source and in its initial position. The skin is lifted from the muscular layer, the fat deposits are removed, and the muscles are strengthen by making a vertical suture, between the pubis and the inferior portion of the stern. The result is (obtaining) a thinner waist and a firm abdomen. The skin excess is being removed and the skin is being placed on the shaped muscle. To eliminate the fluids that accumulate post-operatory, a drainage tube is left for 24-48 hours.

Mini-abdominoplasty is recommended to patients with fat and skin excess from sub-navel, being a less invasive method. The incision around the navel is not necessary and the horizontal incision is shorter. For fat deposits situated above the navel, the liposuction can be performed in the same time with mini-abdominoplasty. Lipoaspiration will be done in the same time with abdominoplasty to improve the results. Due to the liposuction from the hips, the waist, the lateral thoracic parts levels the new abdomen will stand out through a remarkable look.


Stop current treatment
Blood samples
Avoid antiinflammatory treatment
Stop smoking
Stop recreational drug use


Hospitalization 24-48hrs
Drainage tube 24-48hrs
Elastic bandage
Post-operatory specific indications
Pain-killers and antibiotics
Avoiding effort for 3 weeks

*Individual results may vary. All the information on this website is addressed to 18+ persons.