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Arm lifting

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Arm lifting, known as brachioplasty, is an aesthetic operation in which skin excess is removed, creating a younger and toned aspect of the arm.

The skin excess at the arms level appears by aging or sudden and massive weight loss. Although physical exercise increases the muscular tonus, the skin excess that hangs is not reduced. The incision for excising the skin from the arm level is done on its intern face, starts from the armpit and that can extend until the elbow. The resulted scar will have a pleasing aspect, if it’s done in a correct surgical technique and the post-operatory nursing are adequate, although it will be visible with arm movements and lifts.

To obtain excellent results, the skin excision can be combined with liposuction. These methods apply especially for persons who lost a lot of weight. The operation is made under general anesthesia. To limit de edema and to favor skin retraction, post-operatory compressing conforming sleeves are worn. The incisions heal in 2-3 weeks. The suture wires are resorbable, there is no need for their extraction. It is recommended to avoid physical effort in the first month.

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