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Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation, is one of the most frequent aesthetic operations and it is done with the purpose of increasing the size, improving the shape of the breasts and also to correct the asymmetries.

Breast augmentation is made using silicone implants, introduced behind the breast, behind the pectoral muscle or directly under the mammary gland, depending on the existent mammary tissue. Usually, in very skinny women with very little breasts it is placed behind the muscle, so that the edges of the implant should be masked. The necessary incisions for introducing the implant can vary; usually they are made at the submammary groove level or on the edge of the mammary areola, having the advantage of healing very discreet and decreasing the risk of developing keloid or hypertrophic scars.

Other possibilities of making the incisions are at the armpit level, but the last one is rarely used. Depending on the size and shape of the breast before the operation and of the wanted results, but taking in consideration the thorax size and the placing of the breast on the thoracic wall, the type and size of implant are chosen at the moment of the first consult. The surgical intervention is made under general anesthesia, and the suture wires are resorbable. The patients with the implant placed under the gland have smaller intensity post-operatory pain, the ones with the implant placed under the pectoral muscle have increased intensity post-operatory pain, the recovery being slower.

Our clinic’s surgeons have gained an important experience especially with the Mentor and Motiva mammary implants. The patient can always come with a personal choice and our experience will be at your disposal.


Blood samples
Interrupting the current treatment
Stop smoking
Avoid aspirin treatment
Stop recreational drugs


Hospitalization 24hrs minimum
Bearable post-operatory pain
Sustaining bra minimum 3 weeks
Avoiding physical effort minimum 6 weeks
Avoid lose arm movements minimum 6weeks

*Individual results may vary. All the information on this website is addressed to 18+ persons.