Cervical lifting

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The cervical lifting or the neck lifting, is a surgical intervention that has as purpose the removal of the skin and fat excess of the neck, improving the neck region aspect.

The operation can be realized at the same time with a facial lifting and it needs hospital admission for 24 hours, being done under general anesthesia. The surgical approach differs according to the needed results. When the result wanted is the removal of the skin and fat excess under the mandible level and a redefining of the cervico-mandibulary angle, an incision in front of the year is done, that goes down under its lobule of the ear to the back of the pavilion. If there is a fat excess under the chin, and the elasticity of the skin is good, then the liposuction of the fat is recommended, with no further interventions. If longitudinal stripes are being present because of the laxity of the platyssma muscle, the fat and skin excess it removed and the muscle is folded after a previous under the chin incision. Numbness, tensions or burning sensations will appear after the surgical intervention.

Also swellings and bruises, which are to be expected in the first weeks after the intervention and they will gradually disappear. Physical activities must be avoided in the first 3-4weeks, and the pain management medication is recommended for the post-operatory discomfort.


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