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Face lifting

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Facial lifting is a surgical procedure that diminishes the visible signs caused by aging from the face and neck level, like wrinkles, deepened nasolabial folds, fat deposits from under the chin and the flaccid skin from the neck.

The face lifting operation has as purpose the removal of the fat and skin tissue excess; the remaining tissue, the subdermal tissues and the muscles are stretched, offering a radical improvement of the face aspect. The facial lifting is addressed to the middle and inferior levels of the face and likewise to the neck. The felt aspect of the eyelids and eyebrows is not improved with a facial lifting operation, but a blepharoplasty or an eyebrow lifting is needed. The surgical intervention needs hospitalisation, and the patient remains hospitalised until the following day.

The lifting is done with general anesthesia and the estimated time of the intervention is 2,5-3 hours. Depending on the surgeon’s preferences, the facial structure of the patient and the correction level, the facial lifting is different. In case of classical lifting, the incision begins from the temple region, descends in front of the ear going under its lobule towards the skin with hair from the back neck region. For the neck intervention, sometime, another incision under the chin is added. In case of facial minilifting, the incision is shorter, it goes above the ear, in front of it and it finishes behind the ear. This procedure is done when the diminishing of the nasolabial grooves is wanted and the tensioning of the skin under the mandible level.

After the surgical intervention the patient presents edema, bruises and a tension sensation of the face. These feelings will disappear in time, after a few days to a few weeks. Immediately after the surgery the scars will be pink and they will become hardly noticeable with time. The facial lifting results have an estimated of 10 years duration, after which you may need to repeat the intervention if you insist in keeping the rejuvenated aspect, and this is because the skin continues the aging process.