Balance beyond aesthetics

Bichectomy is the surgical intervention that removes fat from the inner area of the cheeks, also called Bichat Fat Pad.

These fatty deposits in the cheek appear regardless of age, and many people consider that their face is too round, voluminous or “chubby”. The size of the fat deposit in the cheek differs from one patient to another.

Who is a good candidate for buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat removal surgery is a highly individualized procedure. It is good for patients who are worried about full or chubby cheeks.

In general, you may be a good candidate for buccal fat removal if:

  •  you are physically healthy and at a stable weight;
  •  have realistic expectations;
  •  do not smoke;
  •  you are bothered by the appearance of your chubby cheeks.

What should I expect during a consultation for bichectomy?

During your buccal fat removal consultation be prepared to discuss:

  • your surgical goals;
  • medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments;
  • current medications, vitamins, supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use;
  • previous surgeries.


We will also :

  • evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors;
  • examine your face;
  • take photos;
  • discuss your options and recommend what is best for you;
  • discuss likely outcomes of bichectomy surgery and any risks or potential complications.


You’ll be asked a number of questions about your health, desires and your  lifestyle.

Be sure to ask all the questions you have in mind. It’s very important to understand all the aspects of your buccal fat removal surgery.

It’s natural to feel some anxiety, whether it’s excitement for your anticipated new look or a bit of preoperative stress

A bichectomy includes the following steps:

What are the steps in the bichectomy intervention?

*Results may vary depending on the personal characteristics of the patients. We address people over the age of 18.