Cervical lifting

Balance beyond aesthetics

A neck lift – lower rhytidectomy –  is a surgical intervention that aims to remove the excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower face that creates jowls and tightens the muscles, improving the appearance of the neck region.

This restorative surgery can be performed together with a facelift and requires hospitalization, because it is performed under general anesthesia. The surgical approach is different depending on the improvements that are desired and necessary. If it is desired to remove the excess skin from the mandible and redefine the mandibular angle, an incision is made in front of the ear, then it goes down below its lobe to the back of the ear. If there is an excess of fat under the chin, and the elasticity of the skin is good, liposuction of the fat is required, without other interventions. If the longitudinal bands are present on the neck due to laxity of the platysma muscle, we remove the excess fat and skin and fold the muscle, making a small incision just below the chin.

After surgery, there will be feelings of numbness, tension or burning, also swelling and bruising, which are normal for the first few days, maybe weeks after the surgery and will gradually disappear.

Moreover, physical activities that require a greater effort should be avoided during the first 3–4 weeks, and pain medication is recommended for postoperative discomfort.

Who is a perfect candidate for a neck lift surgery?

  • physically healthy patients who do not have any disease or medical condition that will hinder their healing;
  • non-smokers;
  • optimistic patients with a positive outlook and realistic expectations.


What should you expect during a neck lift consultation?

You will discuss with the doctor:

  • the expectations you have;
  • medical condition, drug allergies, medical treatments;
  • current medication, including vitamins, alcohol, tobacco, drug use;
  • previous surgical interventions.


During the consultation the doctor:

  • evaluates the patient’s health;
  • takes photos;
  • discusses the options you have for this intervention;
  • recommends what suits you best;
  • discusses the risks and potential complications that may occur during and after surgery.


During the consultation, it is best to ask all the necessary questions for a better understanding of this intervention. It is very important that you understand all aspects of this operation.

The steps in the neck lifting surgery:

*Results may vary depending on the personal characteristics of the patients. We address people over the age of 18.