Balance beyond aesthetics

Clitoroplasty is the aesthetic operation with the purpose of removing the excess of skin that covers the clitoris or shrinking it.

A a clitoris that is too big, which exceeds the labia, can be a congenital condition (pseudohermafroditism) or acquired, caused by drug treatments, hormonal modifications or sportives who take anabolizing steroids to increase muscle mass; it can be present in the rest of the women too. But, to some women, the clitoris can have normal dimensions, but it presents a fold of mucosa that covers it, this thing decreasing the degree of sexual satisfaction. The surgical intervention doesn’t require hospitalization, being made under local anesthesia.

After the intervention, a careful local hygiene is required, and the sexual repose is recommended in the first 3 weeks. The healing is done in 3 weeks.

Who is a perfect candidate for clitoroplasty?

You may be an ideal candidate for clitoroplasty if:
  • People who are dissatisfied with the appearance of the clitoris, which is too large;
  • People who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin due to the above mentioned reason;
  • You have pain or discomfort in the intimate area when doing everyday activities;
  • You have pain or discomfort during intercourse.

What should you expect during a clitoroplasty consultation?

During a clitoroplasty consultation we will discuss the following:

  • Why do you want to have this procedure;
  • What are your expectations and wishes in relation to the intervention;
  • Medical condition, allergies, medical treatments;
  • Current medication, supplements, vitamins, alcohol, tobacco, drugs;
  • Previous surgery.


Also, the doctor:

  • Evaluates the general state of health;
  • Evaluates risk factors;
  • Discuss your options with you and recommend what is best for you;
  • Discusses potential risks and complications that may occur during or after clitoroplasty surgery.

What are the steps in the clitoroplasty procedure?

A clitoroplasty includes the following steps:

What results should you expect after clitoroplasty?

After the operation, careful local hygiene is required, and sexual abstinence is recommended for the first 3 weeks. Healing takes place in 3 weeks.
*Results may vary depending on the personal characteristics of the patients. We address people over the age of 18.