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Labiaplasty is a surgical intervention in which aesthetic problems related to the dimensions and the shape of the labia are corrected.

The pubic region can have an unaesthetic prominent aspect, in persons who present horizontal scars on the inferior part of the abdomen or to the overweighted ones. This condition can be corrected with the help of liposuction at the level of the big labia and the pubic region. Because of the weight loss or aging, the big labia lose their volume, and to change this, the person’s own fat from the areas with adipose deposits is transferred to the labia level, realizing the rejuvenation of the area.

The elongation of the small labia can appear after some surgical treatments or postpartum, but it can be also a constitutional problem. Whatever the cause, the operation is a simple one. The tissue excess is removed, and the scars will be practically invisible after healing with permanent results, without a future need for another intervention. The operation takes about 30 minutes, it is made under local anesthesia and there is no need for hospitalization. The post-operatory discomfort and the pain are of low intensity.

The healing is done in approximately one month and it is necessary a careful hygiene of the sutures plagues. The suture wires are resorbable. It is recommended the avoidance of physical effort and of sexual activities in the first weeks after the operation, because there is risk of suture unbinding.


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