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Lips augmentation

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With age, the lips are losing volume, they thin and become more pale. The lip augmentation operation follows the underlining of the red contour, the augmentation of the lips volume or the correction of an eventual lip asymmetry. It is recommended to patients who want permanent results.

Depending on the patient’s desire and of the necessary improvements, there are many more methods: transfer of own fat, the superior lip lifting, the mouth angles lifting, the advance of the mucosa, the advance of the vermilion. In case of calling for own fat transfer, fat tissue is collected with very small cannulas from places that present fat deposits (buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen etc.), then it is processed and injected for lips reshaping. The integration of the transferred cells rate is about 30%, a part of the cells not surviving, and the fat will be reabsorbed in time.

Thus, there are necessary approximately 3 treatments at 6-8 weeks interval for obtaining wanted results. The areas where fat is collected will present edema and bruises, that disappear in 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, the incisions made for the fat transfer are barely noticeable. For the vermilion advancing, a few millimeters skin strip is excised from the nearby of the pigmented part of the lip. This surgical intervention is for the patients who’s lips thinned by time passing and it can be made with one or both lips. The post-operatory edema and bruises will disappear in 7-10 days, and the underlining of the lips by tattooing them can mask the scar.

For the advancing of the lips mucosa, an incision is made in zig-zag on the interior face of the lip, small triangles of mucosa are lifted and are sutured on the anterior face of the lip, this way producing a chunky aspect of the lip. But, to some patients an elderly aspect can be created if the upper lip covers too much the surface of the teeth. The superior lip lifting is a surgical intervention in which patients with constitutionally long upper lip or elder people call for, because once with aging the lip thins and tends to get longer. In this situation, a skin fragment near the nose will be excised. This operation does not rise special problems, the healing will be done in approximately one week, but the scar will be visible enough.

In case the patient presents thin lips, the mouth angles are inferior oriented, we can remediate with the help of a mouth corners lifting. The surgical intervention consists in the excision of a few millimeters skin ellipse above every superior lip edge, followed by the suture of the remained tegument. The scars are placed in visible areas, but this can be improved by tattooing the lips contour.