Nipple correction

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Nipple and areola correction is an intervention necessary in cases of nipple hypertrophy, invaginated nipples, too big or asimmetric areolas.

Too long nipples, with a fallen aspect is called nipple hypertrophy, the cause is genetic and the condition can appear during lifetime, because of breast feeding. This thing can be corrected in a surgical intervention which consists in shortening and reshaping the nipple. The operation is made under local anesthesia, therefore no hospitalization is needed. Healing can take up from 10 until 14 days, the recovery after the intervention being easy. Some nipples, instead of standing out in front of the areola, tend to dive into it. These are called invaginated nipples and they appear because of the fact that the milk ducts are short and pull the nipple inside. The aspect can be unilateral or bilateral, permanent or just in some certain moments.

Women who have this problem cannot easily breast feed. To obtain an aesthetic aspect, the surgical correction intervention is needed to section the ducts, thus obtaining the correct repositioning of the nipple. In this case, the breast feeding is reduced, because by sectioning the ducts the milk evacuation will be impossible. The operation does not require hospital admission, being made under local anesthesia; the healing is done in approximately two weeks. The dimension and position asymmetries of the areolas can appear at puberty, after pregnancy or breast feeding, in the case of weight oscillations, or they can be present even since birth. Sometimes, this thing can be corrected by cutting a strip of skin from the big areola proximity. In needed situations, the lifting of the felt areolas can be done.

By shrinking the areolas widen from breast feeding or constitutionally very big, it is necessary the reducing of the areolar diameter by eliminating the skin excess from the areolas periphery. The healing of the scars lasts 10-14 days. In the big breasts case, because of their big weight, the areolas tend to return to the sizes before the surgical intervention; in the case of small breasts the results tend to last.



Interrupting the current treatment
Blood samples
Avoiding aspirin treatment
Stop the recreational drugs
Stop smoking


Hospitalization 24-48hrs
Drainage tube 24-48hrs
Elastic bandage
Post-operatory specific indications
Pain-killers and antibiotics
Avoiding effort for 3 weeks

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