Facial sculpting

Balance beyond aesthetics

We use the term “sculpting” when we want to express in one word a range of injectable treatments and procedures that helps us to shape, rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the face.

Let’s start with the jaw line

The mandible has various shapes and sizes and gives contour to the face. Whether we want a more contoured mandible, or whether over time, in the natural aging process, the mandible loses its density and the cheek skin “falls” over the contour of the mandible, we can opt for a mandible contouring treatment.

The contour of the mandible is obtained non-invasively with the help of highly concentrated, very cohesive and dense hyaluronic acid, which has a lifting and shaping capacity.

How is the treatment performed?

After a prior local topical anesthesia with anesthetic cream, with the help of an atraumatic cannula, a certain filler containing a high concentration of dense hyaluronic acid is injected deeply, in strategic points. This product will remain at the injected site for more than a year, and at the next treatments, the effect is achieved with a smaller amount of hyaluronic acid.

The needle can also be used to inject the mandible with hyaluronic acid. The treatment lasts 10-15 minutes, but for such a treatment it is good to arrive on time for the appointment, because you will stay with the anesthetic cream for 20-30 minutes.

What is the effect?

The effect is immediate. In the following hours, the area may be slightly sore, more swollen and bruised. You can immediately resume your daily activities, but we do not recommend exposure to the sun, sauna and intense physical activity in the first 24 hours.

Let’s talk about cheekbones

With age, the cheekbones become less contoured, due to the decrease in density of the soft tissues and the decrease in the density of the zygomatic bone.

There are many people who genetically have uneven cheekbones.

For the cheekbones,i a product containing dense and cohesive hyaluronic acid is also used,that has a long duration of remanence at the injection site.

The injected product is firm enough to give a cheekbone-lifting look, and elastic and smooth enough to not disturb the touch, during the application of blush or during facial massage.

How long does the treatment take?

After applying the anesthetic cream, the treatment lasts 15-20 minutes, as the injection is done carefully to provide a symmetrical and precise contour of the cheekbones.

Hyaluronic acid injection is an art, and the doctor who injects is an artist who needs time, a pleasant environment and patience. You are the work of art.

Once we have achieved a contoured mandible and beautiful, high cheekbones, we take the mirror and look carefully at the nasolabial folds, “marionette” lines, dark circles and expression lines.

Certainly after a correct treatment performed on the mandible and cheekbones, the nasolabial folds are partially blurred by the effect of lifting the cheeks.

How do we get rid of dark circles?

Another delicate and very beautiful subject.

If the dark circles are hollow, deep and pigmented, the solution is injectable treatment.

Hyaluronic acid, a mesotherapy cocktail or your own plasma can be injected.

Hyaluronic acid is injected using an atraumatic cannula under the orbicularis oculi muscle to provide support and restore a youthful, smooth appearance. In a few weeks after the injection, you will also notice a brightening effect, because the special hyaluronic acid for the dark circles area gives you a 1-2 tone depigmentation of the injected area.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes, it is painless. Because the eye area is sensitive and we want to avoid damaging noble structures such as nerves and blood vessels, we always use the cannula.

Dr. Nico Ferariu is one of the doctors who uses MD Codes and the injection technique developed by the Allergan Company – the manufacturer of Juvederm, together with the leaders in the field of injectology. So you will be asked if you want to look more feminine or masculine, less tired, younger, less angry, less sad, more attractive, less droopy and so on.

During this face-to-face and relaxed interview, Dr. Ferariu wants to understand exactly what you want from the treatment, what is the desired effect and how she can give you the best result, later using some attribute calculation equations that you described.

After we get a contour of the face, we can focus on the wrinkles around the mouth, marionette lines and expression lines.

Botulinum toxin is used for any areas with expression wrinkles or, to give a more feminine appearance to the face(slimmer), injection of the toxin into the masseter muscles is used.

At Soma Clinic, we use the products from world leaders in the production and distribution of hyaluronic acid, because we want to offer our patients satisfactory results, guaranteed by medical and aesthetic studies.

You don’t have to do all of these treatments in one session, and we don’t recommend it. We can see each other several times, we can choose which treatments to combine and which are the areas that need the most improvement. You can plan your treatments according to your schedule, budget and important life events.

*Individual results may vary. All the information on this website is addressed to 18+ persons.