Laser treatments and Sciton technology

Balance beyond aesthetics

Using the latest laser technology and technological innovations such as BBL and ND-YAG laser  we combine experience and accumulated methods to provide impressive and long-lasting individualized results, whether we are talking about permanent laser hair removal, wrinkles, sagging, scars or pigmentation.

We dedicate all our experience and life’s work to satisfy our patients with results worthy of pioneering in the field of aesthetics.

We have innovative solutions for countless aesthetic and medical situations that can be successfully treated with our Sciton Joule Platform.

Sciton Joule is the best performing laser platform recognized worldwide in the medical aesthetic field. Sciton is a medical and aesthetic laser produced in the USA, with results proven by studies carried out at Stanford University and by studies of aesthetic and dermatology clinics around the world.

The quality of the medical act is more than a mantra for Sciton, it is an obsession. From design and manufacturing to service, Sciton is dedicated to manufacturing and technological and medical support so results exceed expectations. Sciton was created to offer the most advanced laser and BBL technology. With more than a decade of experience, Sciton systems have become the desired standard in aesthetic and medical dermatological therapy.

The desire to deliver results that exceed expectations is why we chose the Sciton platform for our clinic.


Our clinic has the most advanced technology and the best equipment to treat the problems our patients face. The SCITON laser can treat broken vessels on the nose, face, legs, couperose, rosacea, scars, red stretch marks, active acne, age spots or sun spots, freckles, wrinkles and helps permanently remove body hair .

What is BBL Forever Young?

The BBL (Broadband Light) Forever Young treatment is performed with the help of the Sciton laser and has raised new standards in treating skin with problems due to aging, sun, lifestyle, etc. BBL Forever Young manages to refresh skin cells, permanently reduce hair growth, treat skin damage and acne.

What can we treat with BBL?

With the help of our technology, patients can achieve significant skin improvement using a non-invasive method. The Sciton laser has a wide range of wavelengths, which can be customized by our specialists to perfectly suit each individual patient. BBL requires fewer sessions to achieve a satisfactory result than other IPL systems.

SCITON BBL Forever Young can be described using the following words: efficient, versatile, powerful, fast, safe and easy to use.

What do you need to know about permanent hair removal?

Body hair can become a problem if present in abundance and cause folliculitis. This is especially frustrating during the summer, and the process of waxing or shaving becomes more frequent and stressful.

The Sciton laser permanently reduces hair growth through a fast, effective and comfortable treatment for our patients. This laser has a combination of benefits that cannot be found in other permanent hair removal lasers.

Most lasers for permanent hair removal direct all the energy to a single area, SCITON uses a low fluence in multiple pulses, thus protecting the skin while the temperature gradually increases to reach the optimal level for hair removal. This laser also has a special continuous cooling, which kept the temperature low during the treatment.

We perform permanent progressive hair removal with BBL (intense pulsed light) or ND-YAG Laser.

Among the advantages of permanent hair removal we mention:

  • it is less painful than waxing;
  • hair disappears in a few sessions;
  • Sciton has a special soft for all skin types, including tanned skin and dark skin;
  • it has excellent results even for facial hair or hair growing in various regions where hair growth is hormonally controlled (armpit, labia, scrotum);
  • with the disappearance of the hair follicles, the folliculitis also disappears, so permanently epilated skin is smoother and brighter.

What is SkinTyte II by SCITON?

It is a treatment based on the principle of selective thermolysis and uses intensely pulsed light at a specific wavelength to heat the skin deeply, while keeping the epidermis cool and protecting it. Thus the treatment is fast, effective and without a recovery period. The end result is a more youthful appearance.

For the first time in medical history, there is a medical technology with excellent results for the treatment of aging skin with increased laxity. Studies have shown,  that after 11 years of BBL – SkinTyte treatments the treated skin has a younger appearance than when the patient started the treatment.

Dr. Nico Ferariu recommends at least 4 Skityte II sessions repeated twice a year, preferably in autumn, winter or spring, so that the skin retains its elasticity and tone for many years.

How does SkinTyte work?

With the help of infrared waves, the collagen in the deep dermis is heated. This process produces the partial splitting of the collagen fibers and their contraction. By heating, a natural physiological healing process is initiated, with the renewal of the collagen structure, which leads to an increase in skin firmness. Intense cooling from the surface of the skin is maintained throughout the treatment and provides a comfortable and safe feeling.

How is the treatment?

SkinTyte light energy is delivered in rapid pulsed sequences. There is no need to apply anesthetic cream. The pulses are repeated over a specific area to deliver the desired results. If the face and neck can be treated for 30 minutes, the treatment time depends on the surface area that the patient want to be treated.

What areas can be treated?

SkinTyte addresses to all the areas of the body that needs to be revitalized, the most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, cleavage and arms.

What to expect after treatment?

You may experience slight redness of the treated areas immediately after the treatment for a few minutes. There is no need for a recovery period as it is a non-invasive treatment. You can resume your normal activities after the procedure. You should apply sunscreen after each treatment.

What results do you expect?

SkinTyte results may vary from patient to patient. This treatment is recommended for patients who want moderate and noticeable improvement in skin appearance without surgery. The effects of the procedure may vary from patient to patient. Final results take about 4 months, as the collagen structure grows and rebuilds during this time.

NanoLaserPeel by Sciton

NanoLaserPeel is a short-downtime, light treatment that removes the topmost layer of the“stratum corneum,”returning a natural smoothness and lustrous glow to the skin.

Affectionately known as the “weekend peel,” NanoLaserPeel requires only topical anaesthetic and has very short downtime,with most patients returning to work by Monday Like its sister treatment, the MicroLaserPeel, the NanoLaserPeel is a reliable, effective erbium laser treatment that refreshes dull, dry skin with little downtime.

Unlike chemical peels with downtime dependent onexposure time and consistency of chemical formulation, a NanoLaserPeel can be highly customized for depth and coagulation to achieve the results and downtime desired.

If you’re interested in beginning laser treatments but aren’t sure where to start, a NanoLaserPeel is a comfortable,precise way to get smoother, brighter skin,luminous skin.


Treatment Time 30-40 Min

Anesthetic – Topical

Downtime 2-8 Hours

Total Recovery Time 1-3 Days

Noticeable Results 3-5 Days

Number of Treatments Needed 1-3

Low Downtime. After just a couple of days, a NanoLaserPeel causes dead and damaged skin cells shed naturally, leaving behind luminous skin.

Reliable Technology. Sciton treatments have a global reputation for being safe, efficient, and effective. Gentle and fast, the NanoLaserPeel can be one of the best ways to begin your skincare journey.

Gentle Alternative. Patients love the results of their NanoLaserPeel because it yields luminous, velvety-soft skin without the time, effort, and harshness of chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

Everyone’s skin is different. Everyone’s needs are different. NanoLaserPeel allows your provider to customize a treatment to fit your lifestyle.

The NanoLaserPeel Experience

During treatment, your practitioner will apply the NanoLaserPeel device to your skin, which delivers intense laser energy to stimulate new collagen production. This process precisely removes the superficial layer of the skin.

Sciton’s design of the NanoLaserPeel allows for customizable depth of laser energy delivery, and perfect, uniform coverage to achieve radiant results with minimal downtime.

Revolutionizing Professional Skin Resurfacing

Sciton’s commitment to patient care and comfort has driven us to develop some of the most highly sought-after laser treatments in the world.

Patients receiving NanoLaserPeel treatments can expect remarkable results in 1 to 3 treatments, with continual improvement over the following weeks; while older, non-hybrid technology often requires 5 to 6 treatments to show similar results.

How many NanoLaserPeel treatments do I need?

Typically, NanoLaserPeel is ideal for those looking for a light peel or touch up routinely for enhanced skin maintenance patients cannot achieve at home. Depending on your skin’s unique needs, and your specific concerns, your provider can make recommendations for how and when to receive your next NanoLaserPeel treatment.

Patients notice results within 1 week after their first treatment, and may opt for additional treatments after that. You may also talk to your provider about combining your NanoLaserPeel with other laser treatments (such as ProFractional ) for enhanced results.

Does a NanoLaserPeel hurt?

The NanoLaserPeel is very tolerable, but some patients can choose to receive a topical numbing cream before treatment. If you are concerned about the comfort of your procedure, you may also elect to take acetaminophen or ibuprofen before you arrive for your appointment.

How long do the results of a NanoLaserPeel last?

Some patients notice continual improvement after treatment, especially when combined with deeper-reaching laser or light treatments. However, you may elect to repeat your NanoLaserPeel as often as every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your unique needs and timeline.

*Individual results may vary. All the information on this website is addressed to 18+ persons.