Balance beyond aesthetics

The mesotherapy intervention is a minimally invasive facial injectable treatment, which involves multiple epidermic (superficial skin layer) and/or intradermic (the middle layer and the thickest layer of the skin) injection of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, etc.

From our point of view, mesotherapy treatment is a very good, safe solution (the aesthetic procedure is inspired by a medical technique) and beneficial not only in rejuvenating mature skin, but also in treating alopecia, for example.

The purpose of mesotherapy in the treatment of the skin is to restore its youthful and healthy texture.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy:

  • immediate and increasingly obvious effects in the days following the treatment
  • improved appearance of the skin, visible to everyone
  • is the solution for fine lines, dark circles, dry skin and so on
  • stimulation of collagen production in skin cells


Who is a perfect candidate for mesotherapy?

The procedure is for adults of any age, people who want a healthy and beautiful appearance of the skin. You don’t have to be over 40 years old to go to the doctor for an injectable treatment, but you have to be concerned about the appearance of the skinespecially if you have an active lifestyle and you are exposed to the effects of the environment.

However, there are some contraindications that you must know, for example: pregnancy, insulin-requiring diabetes, history of vascular accidents, neoplasic conditions or thromboembolic phenomena, etc.

How does mesotherapy work and for how long?

Although standardized protocols are lacking worldwide (we are talking here about the standardization of injectable formulas, the optimal way of application, evidence of long-term effectiveness, etc.) there are still established products with very good results, visible and with a long remanence.

The effects of mesotherapy are immediate, they appear immediately after the treatment and are more and more evident in the days following the treatment. After the edema and small bruises disappear, the improved appearance of the skin will be observed.

Whether we are talking about fine wrinkles, dark circles, dry skin, the effects of mesotherapy are spectacular.

Why do we say that there is a lack of clear scientific evidence related to the long-term effect? Because the effects of time on the skin are largely dictated by genetics. Of course environmental factors, external factors are responsible, but genetic information is unique.

You have to know that not all people with bright skin will have the same wrinkles, even if all those people smoke, drink alcohol, sit in the sun, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the long-term, standardized effect of certain vitamins/minerals/enzymes/acids on the skin.

Hyaluronic acid in mesotherapy: star substance

Injection of hyaluronic acid into the skin is known to stimulate cell regeneration through hydration and fibroblast activation. In fact, the injection of hyaluronic acid stimulates fibroblasts to produce type I collagen and two other substances in the category of metalloproteinases. Hyaluronic acid has been proven to actively participate in wound healing, modulation of inflammatory cells, elimination of free radicals.

But whether we’re talking about injecting hyaluronic acid or injecting vitamin cocktails, medical studies confirm the therapeutic response at the cellular level: younger, firmer-looking skin and a healthier complexion.

There is a study that shows that injecting vitamins results in stimulation of collagen production in the skin cells. It is now known that certain cosmetic procedures, such as resurfacing with CO2 laser, or microdermabrasion, modify the expressions of skin cell genes, thus increasing the production of collagen, at the level of fibroblasts. So, wherever we read in the specialized literature about mesotherapy, we will notice that the information revolves around a few key terms, which you must be aware of if you want to resort to mesotherapy: dermis, fibroblasts, genetic expression, increased collagen secretion and elastin, modulation of the inflammatory response, acceleration of healing, elimination of free radicals, the role of hyaluronic acid.

From medicine to cosmetics and aesthetics

Mesotherapy is the invention of a French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor, in the 50s, in order to treat rheumatological conditions, trauma, infectious, vascular conditions and, in particular, as pain management. The North American experience begins with Dr. Lionel Bissoon, who learned mesotherapy in France and popularized it in the US.

At the beginning, the aesthetic applications of mesotherapy aimed at melting fat deposits, but nowadays they are countless in aesthetics and cosmetics: it calms the skin’s orange peel appearance, reduces localized fat deposits (xanthelasma, lipomas), treats alopecia or skin hyperpigmentation, stimulates skin rejuvenation or skin-tightening procedure, etc.

Substances used in injectable treatment

Products commonly used in mesotherapy are: phosphatidylcholine (dissolves fat), organic silicon (stimulates collagen production), CRP 1000 (contains cytokine for cellular stimulation, and peptides, which improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin), hyaluronic acid (improves hydration ), chemical substances with antioxidant action, such as ascorbic acid, glycolic acid or glutathione. Also, vitamin C is often used in localized hyperpigmentation, as it stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, while substances such as biotin, minoxidil or finasteride stimulate hair growth.

Techniques & treated areas

Mesotherapy uses small and fine needles (specially created for this technique) or the mesotherapy gun with which we inject the substances evenly, quickly and safely.

Among the injection techniques, I mention intradermal injection – it is a simple technique, point by point, and which involves the insertion of small amounts of substance into the epidermis, with the help of a very fine and short needle – or epidermal, with the help of the mesotherapy gun – this variant being painless; the latter is an excellent technique for patients with low pain tolerance and ideal for facial rejuvenation.

Another area where mesotherapy helps is the neck and décolleté, in which case an anesthetic cream is initially applied, which extends the duration of the intervention by approximately 20 minutes, but provides comfort to the patient.

What results should you expect after mesotherapy?

The results of mesotherapy are immediate and increasingly evident during the period following the treatment. You will notice an improved appearance of the skin, the fading of fine lines, dark circles and dry skin.

*Rezultatele pot varia în funcție de caracteristicile personale ale pacienților. Ne adresăm persoanelor cu vârsta peste 18 ani.