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The external ear’s reshaping operation, the visible part of the ear, is known as otoplasty. It has as purpose the improvement of the shape, the position and the proportion of the ear in relation with the rest of the face or the amelioration of scars caused by accidents, diseases or birth imperfections.

With this intervention, there can be treated decollated ears, in different grades, if they are not associated with hear loss, excessively big ears (macrotia) or previous otoplasty dissatisfaction. Otoplasty is made with local or general anesthetic, there existing more types of procedures. Frequently, the incisions are made behind the ear, the skin is removed for cartilage exposure and it is reshaped with the intensification of the antihelical fold and the reduction of the concale hypertrophy where is needed. The scars won’t be visible at all, because the incisions are made in the retroauricular area (behind the ear).

After the intervention, a compressive bandage will be used for ear covering, the appearing of the discomfort and pain being controlled with medication. In case of the hospitalization in the clinic, the discharge will be done the following day. Bandages will be removed after a few days, but it is proper for an ear comforter to be worn for several weeks with the purpose of quickening the healing.