Arm lift / Brachioplasty

Balance beyond aesthetics

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty removes the excess skin of the upper arm from the underarm region to the elbow, creating a rejuvenated and toned appearance.

There are many causes of sagging skin and  excess fat in this area, including:

  • weight fluctuations
  • hereditary factor
  • the aging process.


This is a problem that cannot be solved with sport or diet.

What are the benefits of arm lift:

  • reduces excess skin that droops on the arm;
  • stretches and smoothes the soft tissues that define the shape of the upper arm;
  • reduces areas where there is excessive fat in the upper arm.


Who is a perfect candidate for arm lift surgery?

  • physically healthy patients who do not have any disease or -medical condition that will make their healing harder;
  • adults with significant upper arm skin laxity
  • non-smokers;
  • optimistic patients with a positive outlook and realistic expectations of the result.


During an arm lift consultation, the doctor:

  • evaluates the patient’s state of health;
  • takes photos;
  • discusses the options you have;
  • recommends what suits you best;
  • discusses the risks and potential complications that may occur during and after surgery.


During the consultation it is advisable to ask questions directly to the doctor. It is very important to understand all aspects of an arm lift.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your surgeon, as he/she will help you through this procedure.

How should you prepare for an arm lift surgery?

  • lab tests and medical evaluation
  • avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or herbal supplements, as they can increase bleeding and promote postoperative hematomas.

What are the steps in the arm lift surgery?

An arm lift procedure includes the following steps:

*Individual results may vary. All the information on this website is addressed to 18+ persons.