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Surgery after massive weight loss

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More and more people who are confronting with morbid obesity call on bariatric surgery or gastric by-pass for help in losing weight.

After this intervention, the patients significantly lose weight, but at cutaneous level will appear some modifications like excess of skin hanging in different body regions. Thus, patients call on different reconstructive plastic techniques to improve aspect.

Reshaping after weight loss needs a combination of procedures. The skin excess after massive weight loss is existent in many areas of the body and this is why it is necessary to call for multiple interventions on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms and even the back levels. A major problem which appears post-operatory is the existing of visible scars. Still, this thing can be easily accepted by the patient, putting it in balance with the benefits and the spectacular results of reshaping. Most often patients call for abdominoplasty, arm lifting, thigh lifting, mastopexy or in men’s case, the solving of gynecomastia. These surgical interventions can be made more at the same time or one by one.


Interrupting the current treatment
Blood samples
Avoid aspirin treatment
Stop recreational drugs
Stop smoking


Hospitalization 24h – 48h
Drainage tube 24h – 48h
Elastic bandage
Specific post-operatory indications
Pain-killers and antibiotics
Avoiding physical effort for minimum 3 weeks

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