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Thighs lifting

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Skin excess from the thighs level produces both aesthetic problems and health ones, leading to an abundant sweat, folliculitis, burdening the walk. For the persons who present cutaneous excess, with reduced elasticity, caused by age and those who had a massive weight loss, this surgery is the perfect choice.

Cutaneous excess is common in pacients who lost weight after bariatric surgery, therefore it will be necessary to get more than one intervention done for different parts. The thigh lifting can be associated with liposuction for far more better results and it is destined to the internal surface of the thighs, buttocks. The surgical intervention is made under general or epidural anesthesia.

There are many ways of effectuating the thigh lifting. One of them would be the one with the scar on the base of the thighs, towards the inguinal region. The incision starts on the anterior face, from the level of the groove between the big labia and the thigh, and it continues posteriorly, in the groove between the thigh and buttock. The excess of tissue without elasticity from the base, the internal and the anterior face of the thigh is eliminated, and the skin is repositioned. It is necessary to take very attentive care post-intervention, with a correct hygiene and limiting the movements. It is recommended to avoid separating the thighs from the pelvis, but the normal walk is allowed shortly after surgery.

The second procedure frequently used uses the scar on the surface of the thighs, a vertical scar on the internal face of the thigh, from the base of the thigh up until the knee or right beneath it. This technique offers better result, being destined to patients who lost a lot of weight after bariatric surgery. Scars heal better in this case, although they are longer, because there is no permanent tension that can pull them.

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