Balance beyond aesthetics

Breast lift, known as “Mastopexy”, lifts the bust by removing excess skin and stretching the tissue to reshape and support the new bust. Mastopexy restores the firmness and raises the bust. Women’s breasts change over time, losing their youthful and beautiful appearance. These changes are caused by several factors, including:

  • pregnancy
  • lactation
  • weight fluctuations
  • getting older
  • hereditary factors.


Sometimes the nipples become larger with the passing of time, so mastopexy is ideal to improve this aspect. Areola reduction can also be achieved.

There is a classification of breast ptosis:

  • Grade 1 (mild ptosis): The nipple is located slightly below the inframammary groove, but above the lower pole of the gland.
  • Grade 2 (moderate ptosis): The nipple is located below the inframammary groove, slightly above the lower pole of the gland.
  • Grade 3 (severe ptosis): The nipple is located below the inframammary groove and below the lower pole of the gland.
  • Pseudoptosis: Gland ptosis, but nipple located at the level of the inframammary groove.


Mastopexy will not change the size of your bust. If you want a larger bust size, you will have to go for breast augmentation in the same surgical time.

Also, if you want a breast reduction, you should go for breast reduction surgery.

What are the benefits of mastopexy/breast lift:

  • restores the firmness of the breasts;
  • improves the harmony of the silhouette;
  • increases confidence in youself.

Who is a perfect candidate for mastopexy?

Mastopexy/breast lift is a very personal procedure and it is very important that when you think about doing this intervention you do it for yourself, not for someone else. The satisfaction of this procedure is very high, especially when patients do it for their own fulfillment. You may be an ideal candidate for mastopexy if:

  • you are physically healthy and not pregnant;
  • have realistic expectations;
  • your breasts are fully developed;
  • it bothers you that your breasts are no longer firm;
  • are you bothered by the fact that your breasts are no longer in good shape after pregnancy, weight loss or due to the natural aging process;
  • your breasts are asymmetrical.

If you are considering doing this procedure, you can visit the before/after photos section. The information helps patients have realistic expectations about this operation.

What should you expect during a consultation?

During a mastopexy consultation we will discuss the following:

  • why do you want this operation and what are your expectations;
  • medical history, including allergies and medical treatments;
  • in the section on currently administered medication, also specify the vitamins, supplements, alcohol consumption, whether or not you are a smoker;
  • family history of breast cancer and results of past mammograms or biopsies.


The doctor will take care to:

  • ask about general health, medical history or factors that may represent a risk;
  • examine and measure the breasts, including detailed measurements and the position of the nipples;
  • take pictures of breasts;
  • to recommend what is best for you.


During the consultation it is advisable to ask the doctor questions about this surgery. It is very important to understand all aspects of a mastopexy. It is normal to have anxiety regarding the intervention.

How should you prepare for mastopexy surgery?

To prepare for mastopexy surgery, you may be asked to:

  • stop smoking;
  • avoid taking aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory drugs because they increase bleeding. Do not stop them without talking to the doctor!
  • not use other substances.


It would be preferable to have someone drive you to the hospital and accompany you to discharge.

What are the risks of a mastopexy?

Decizia de a face o intervenție de mastopexie este extrem de personală, iar dumneavoastră vă trebui să puneți în balanță beneficiile pe care le veți avea în urma acestei operații și riscurile/complicațiile posibile care pot interveni. Numai dumneavoastră puteți face această alegere importantă. Va trebui să semnați pe proprie răspundere un formular pentru a ne asigura că înțelegeți pe deplin în ce constă procedura și care sunt potențialele riscuri și complicații.

Possible risks of mastopexy:

The decision to have a mastopexy procedure is highly personal, and you must weigh the benefits you will have from this operation and the possible risks/complications that may occur. Only you can make this important choice. You will need to sign a form on your own responsibility to make sure you fully understand what the procedure involves and what the potential risks and complications are.

Possible risks of mastopexy:

  • risks of anesthesia;
  • bleeding;
  • hematoma;
  • infection;
  • changes in the sensitivity of the nipples and breasts;
  • the formation of less aesthetic scars;
  • fluid accumulation (seroma);
  • persistent pain;
  • a possible revision of the operation;
  • irregular shape and contour of the breasts.


These risks and others will be discussed with the doctor before the operation. It is very important to ask the questions that interest you, in order to fully understand everything that the mastopexy/breast lift procedure means.

What are the steps in mastopexy surgery?

A mastopexy includes the following steps:

What should you expect after a mastopexy?

  • Minimum 24hrs hospitalization
  • Bearable post-surgical pain
  • Sustainable bra minimum 3 weeks
  • Avoiding physical effort minimum 6 weeks
  • Avoid lose arm movements minimum 6 weeks

*Rezultatele pot varia în funcție de caracteristicile personale ale pacienților. Ne adresăm persoanelor cu vârsta peste 18 ani.