Lip Augmentation

Balance beyond aesthetics

Lip augmentation aims at accentuating the contour of the red lips, augmenting the volume of the lips or correcting any asymmetry of the lips. With age, the lips lose their volume, become thinner and paler. It is recommended for patients who want permanent results.

Augmentation with autologous fat transfer is considered a surgical intervention, which requires local anesthesia for the comfort of our patients. The advantage of this intervention is that it uses own tissue that cannot be rejected by the patient’s body. Augmentation with autologous fat transfer is suitable for several areas of the face:

  • Lips
  • Nasogen grooves
  • Dark Circles
  • Orchard


Depending on the patient’s wishes and the improvements that are to be made, there are several methods of intervention: transfer of own fat, lifting of the upper lip, lifting of the corners of the mouth, advancement of the mucosa, advancement of the vermilion. In the case of using the transfer of own fat, adipose tissue is harvested with very small cannulas from areas with fat deposits (buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.), processed and injected to shape the lips.

What are the benefits of lip augmentation:

Many times, fat transfer augmentation is preferred over hyaluronic acid, because the own tissue is much better tolerated by the patient’s body, and the effect is more durable. This intervention must be repeated every few months, because some of the injected fat will resorb.

The areas where fat is harvested will show edema and bruising, which resolves in 1–2 weeks. In contrast, the incisions made for fat transfer are imperceptible.

For vermilion advancement, a strip of skin of several millimeters is excised from the vicinity of the pigmented part of the lip. This surgery is for patients whose lips have thinned over time and can be performed on one or both lips. Postoperative edema and bruising will disappear in 7–10 days, and tattoo lip contouring can mask the scar.

How is augmentation done with own fat?

Lip augmentation with own fat requires a wider variety of procedures than hyaluronic acid augmentation. First, the patient must have a “donor area” (such as the abdomen or buttocks) from which fat will be taken by liposuction. After the removed fat is prepared, it can be injected into the lips, or anywhere else, with the help of a cannula.

Who is a perfect candidate for lip augmentation?

You could be a perfect candidate for fat lip augmentation if you are unhappy with the size of your lips and want longer-term results than hyaluronic acid augmentation.

For more details on lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, visit our page.

What results should you expect after lip augmentation with your own fat?

The results are visible immediately, in the first days the patient will have edema. Usually, several fat transfer procedures will be required to achieve the desired results, as approximately 50% of the injected fat will be resorbed by the body.

This is a minor surgical procedure that can be performed in the operating room under local anesthesia.

*Results may vary depending on the personal characteristics of the patients. We address people over the age of 18.